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What is cashbackAPP?

cashbackAPP is India's easiest benefit program, where you can get cashback (money back) when you shop at physical stores and online stores. With cashbackAPP you will be free of plastic cards and discount coupons, as your existing payment card will be your only benefit card. All you need to get started is a referral from your workplace. cashbackAPP is owned by the /////////////. We are located at our head office at//////// .Welcome to and have fun with the program!

What are cashback rewards?

Every time you shop at participating physical stores or online stores that are affiliated with cashbackAPP, you get cashback rewards. This means that after a purchase from a partner, you will receive the indicated percentage of the value of the purchase in your cashbackAPP account. You can pay out the saved money directly to your bank account every time you have saved INR 4000 or more. It does not cost anything to join, but an administration fee of INR 20 is deducted when you pay into your account.

Who can become a member of cashbackAPP?

Anyone over the age of 16 who has a postal address in Indiaand who has received a registration code from their workplace can do so. For legal reasons, however, the following conditions must also be met to become a member of cashbackAPP: (Read also more in "Terms and Conditions")You must provide a valid email address and have a password of your choice.
You must accept our "Terms and Conditions".
You must register one or more of your own payment cards when you sign up, so you are sure to get your cashback at all participating physical stores and online stores.

How do I get started?

Once you have created your user, simply register your desired cards in the app. Here's how you do it:

1. Sign up for your desired cards to start earning.
2. Visit the many physical stores and online stores that are part of our benefits program and pay, exactly as you usually do.
3. Your purchase is now automatically registered in cashbackAPP. You can always follow your purchases and the money you save via your profile.
4. You can pay the money directly to your bank account every time you have saved INR 4000 or more. When you pay out, INR 20 is set off against the administration fee.

What do I get as a member of cashbackAPP?

You get India's easiest benefit program, and you avoid another plastic benefit card for your wallet. You should also think about keeping track of vouchers, coupons or stamp booklets when shopping. When registering, you simply register your payment card, and then you use your card, completely as you usually do in the many shops and online stores that are registered for the program. From here, you are ready to earn cashback and get money back on the purchases you make.You can always keep track of which stores and online storesare included in the program - and new ones are constantly being added. If you want to be sure to always be up to date on where you get your money back, you can sign up for the newsletter and be notified about the latest and most popular partners.

Is my account secure?

That, of course, is a very important question. Fortunately, you have nothing to worry about when you sign up for your card cashbackAPP. cashbackAPP ​​has been assessed by the ///////// and is PCI DSS Compliant-approved. All data stored or transmitted is 256 bit encrypted. This is exactly the same security standard for data communication to which banks are subject.In addition, cashbackAPP ​​is a "read only" application, and it therefore at no time has access to your bank account or can misuse your payment cards. We never ask for payment card details beyond your card number and expiration date, and therefore it will never be enough to be used to make transactions or misuse your card information. We only use your card number to match your purchases in exactly the stores and webshops that are affiliated with our loyalty program, so we ensure that you get your cashback rewards. Only physical stores or online stores where you have shopped and are therefore a customer will have access to your loyalty profile, and we will never sell your contact information to third parties.

How do I get my cashback paid out?

You can pay the money directly to your your bank account every time you have saved INR 5000 or more by clicking on 'Withdraw' in your Wallet screen. When you pay out, there is a 20 INR administration fee.

What do I do if I do not receive my cashback?

Always remember that it can take up to 48 hours from the time you shop until you receive your cashback. Should it happen that you still have not received your cashback after this, you can always contact customer service, and our skilled employees will investigate the matter. Remember to enclose a receipt for your purchase.

What do I do if I get a new card?

If you have lost your card or your current one has expired, do not despair. Once your new card is activated, you can easily add it via your profile. Then you are ready to continue earning cashback!

Can I open more than one cashbackAPP account?

In principle, you will be able to open more than one cashbackAPP account, but you can only register your own payment cards once for one account. We therefore recommend that you add all your favourite debit cards to one and the same account.

What are the terms of use and where can I find them?

You will find the terms of use for cashbackAPP here. Our conditions describe i.a. profile creation, disbursements, security and operation of cashbackAPP. You must agree to these terms and conditions to use cashbackAPP, otherwise you can not register.We reserve the right to continually change our terms of use if we deem it necessary.

What are personal data policies and where can I find them?

You will find the personal data policy for cashbackAPP here. Our personal data policy ensures you, among other things, that we never resell your information to third parties, and only stores, chains and online partners where you have made an actual purchase have the opportunity to make direct marketing to you via the app. 'one. You will always be able to say no thanks to this marketing from those stores, chains and online partners.We reserve the right to change our personal data policy on an ongoing basis if we deem it necessary.

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